At the Beginning there was the Word

Languages gives us the possibility to name things and to understand the context. To understand we need to learn and with comprehension we can evaluate. Wisdom can only be obtained, if we also act according to our knowledge.

Language and Mind

Our mind uses languages to understand. With languages our mind creates an image of the reality to understand and assess the information given by our senses.

Science and Objectivity

Sciences enables us to comprehend things objectively, to anticipate events and even to assess the inherent values. Lets take our solar system as an example. Mathematics tells us, how th sun and the planets have moved in the past and how they will move in the future. With science we can 'objectively' reason about the truth of a statement. Given that it is correct and properly applied.

Scripture and Language

Scripture is maybe the most important tool of all sciences. She can cherish thoughts and one can share them with other people. She gives an explicit form to a language and assists thinking, as well as the understanding of coherences.

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